Who is this Hero Alam ? How did he go viral? All about Hero Alam.

Who is this Hero Alam ? How did you go viral? All about  Hero Alam.
Hero Alam

Ashraful Alam Saeed
(Hero Alam) Hero Alam is a widely discussed and condemned person on social media in Bangladesh.

He is a critically acclaimed social media personality and a singer, protagonist, actor, and director. Hero Alam Bangladesh is a social media personality who has gained a large audience by uploading and sharing videos on YouTube with great vigor.

Although he is not a registered member of the film industry, he has been working on social media on his initiative to promote himself.

He was criticized on social media more than he was discussed. People watch his videos mainly in the hope of getting entertainment from him.

Hero Alam was born in Bogra district of Bangladesh. He is a Bangladeshi citizen by birth. Although he chose acting as his profession, now he has made singing one of his mediums as a profession.

He created a storm of online discussion in 2016. He has been active online since 2016 and continues to entertain his fans one after another providing new videos.

The story of his first life.

Alam’s family handed him over to another family. Alam went to the house of Abdur Razzak of the same village. Abdur Razzak has raised him like a son. He loved Alom and affectionate him as his own son, but there is the insolvency of food and money of the people in the village. Alam’s foster father, Abdur Razzak’s family, has also felt the touch of deprivation. Alam had to make a living after finishing seventh grade in a local school. Starting from selling CDs, Alam became successful in the dish business. His monthly income is 60-70 thousand taka. Alam is happy with his wife and two children.

Hero Alam was known as a CD seller in his early life, and later, he started the business of satellite TV connection in his district Bogra.

He made his debut as a music video maker as a hobby. Since his first career was selling CDs, he was inspired to become a music video maker and make himself a hero. By 2015, several of his music videos went viral on social media and YouTube. He is known for his strange looks, and people keep making various negative comments and trolls about him.

The main reason for his popularity is to troll him. In the case of Hero Alam, on the contrary, he has come to the limelight because of his criticism and trolling of him and has become the person of entertainment.

In December 2018, Hero Alam played the role of the protagonist himself in his own made film and came to light of people’s bad comments. 

Mahesh Ruprao Ghodeswar, a director of India, staged a drama about Hero Alom and this life in Ahmedabad and Mumbai in 2019. This film was a fiction of Alom’s biography.

Participation in the 2018 general election of Bangladesh

Hero Alam of 2018 decided to participate in the general election of Bangladesh. Hero Alam decided to participate in the general election of Bangladesh in 2018. There was a lot of violence while participating in the election. Participation in the election created a milestone for him. Participating in the election made enough sense at that time. 

He was widely criticized. There was widespread criticism of the religious congregation with him to participate in this election.

Hero Alom wife

Hero Alam is currently living in Erulia, the area of Bogra district with his wife and children. His wife’s house is also in Bogra and her name is Sumi. They have two children. Their names are Aalo and Kabir.

The most interesting thing is that Hero Alam was arrested in 2019 in a case of beating his wife and dowry case. However, his wife Sumi can be seen in several music videos of Hero Alam. Hero Alam has also acted in music videos with his wife.

Hero Alom height

Hero Alam is not as tall as professional heroes. Although he is not tall enough to be a model, he is a successful online model.

How tall Hero Alom is:

He is 160cm tall

In Metre-  1.60 m

in feet – 5 ‘3 “tall.

His starring films

He acted in only one film. The name of his movie is Mar Chakka

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