Write a paragraph on Dengue.

Write a paragraph on Dengue.


Dengue is a viral disease caused by the bite of an infected female Aedes mosquito. Now it has become a great threat to our country. People are suffering much from this disease. The main reason for dengue fever is the bite of a mosquito that carries away dengue germ. When a man suffers from dengue and mosquito bites him, it carries away some of the germs of the disease. If this mosquito then bites a healthy man, the germ may get into his blood and he gets dengue. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in the standing water. Usually in the rainy season, in empty cans, in flower vessels and other abandoned pots contain water. This is mainly responsible for mosquito havoc. The affected man suffers from a high headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, skin rash along with severe fever. Dengue fever can lead a man to death if it is not treated in time. There is no vaccine for dengue infection. The people who get affected by this disease have to drink a lot of water and eat Vitamin C riched foods. Only public awareness can solve this problem. Regular cleanliness is the main way to destroy the abode of mosquitos. Our government has already taken the necessary steps in this regard. We also should keep our surroundings clean and make sure that there is no standing water around us where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. If everybody in our country takes part in the fight against mosquitoes, all may soon get rid of dengue.

Dengue fever in Bangladesh

Dengue virus causes dengue fever. Female mosquito named ‘Adies Egypty’ carries this virus. Dengue is an R. N. A. Fiabby viral severe fever. Generally, the mosquitoes  lay their egg in the stagnant water. The primary symptoms of dengue fever are severe joint and muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, headache, fever, and skin rash.Dengue fever has now become a great problem in Bangladesh. The people of our country are frightened due to this hazardous virus. There are not enough beds in hospital and clinics to admit the patient. Some meet premature death without getting proper treatment. There are two kinds of dengue fever-Classical and Hemorrhagic. Hemorrhagic dengue fever attacks the children under 10 causing abdominal pain, hemorrhage and circulatory collapse. On the other hand, Classic dengue fever is characterized by acute onset of high fever 3–14 days after the bite of an infected mosquito.Hemorrhagic dengue is more serious than Classical dengue fever. High fever, vomit, and stomach-pain, and excess headache, pain at joint of bones, waist, and backside of eyes are mostly seen symptoms of Classical dengue fever. It is also called ‘Break bone fever’ as it feels acute pains to break of bone. The affected people can come round from it within days. However, Hemorrhagic dengue fever often causes the death of a patient. There is no specific vaccine to prevent this virus. People should drink lots of water. The people of our country are not aware of the dangerous effect of dengue virus. They do not keep their surrounding clean and thus let mosquitoes lay their eggs in the stagnant water. In this regard, ‘prevention is better than cure’. The only way of controlling this situation is to destroy the abode of Adie’s mosquitoes. If people from all walks of life become conscious of dengue fever, only then this malady can surely be eradicated from our country.


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