Write Half Day Leave Letter / Application- Example & Tips

Write Half Day Leave Letter / Application- Example & Tips

When you need urgent leave from your office for a few hours, you have to write a half-day leave application to the senior of your department. The half-day leave application is written on various condition but you need to mention the exact point when you are an approach to write. Be precise and put a clear cut point in the application.

Tips for writing half day leave letter:

  • Be sincere and accurate and put the exact point.
  • Try to be more polite and gentle in writing.
  • Write formally.
  • Avoid unnecessary words.
  • Clearly mention the reason for your leave for a half-day.
  • Go through again and again before sending.
  • Check spelling mistake and punctuation errors.

Half-Day Leave Letter Example:

[Address whom you want to write.] 

Subject: Half-Day Leave Required

Dear Mr./Mrs. { Name of Recipient}, 

I am writing this email to let you inform the fact that it is not possible for my part to come to the office right now. I will be able to come only in the afternoon. On the way to the office, I have met an accident. Now I am at the hospital ad the doctor has asked to take rest for my minor injury. He has also assured that I will be alright after fast aid and I can be back at the office soon.

So, I am requesting you to consider my case and grant me a half-day leave.


[Address whom you want to write.]

Subject: Application for a half-day leave.

Dear, Mr. / Mrs
This is to inform you that I am badly in need of a half a day leave this afternoon. I have an appointment with my doctor. This will take almost 2 hours. So, It is quite impossible for me to join the team in the morning shift. As the date is fixed before, there’s no scope of cancellation.

I hope that the team will manage everything skillfully according to my given instruction. Please feel free to contact me if any issues arise up about the current project.

Yours sincerely,

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