Write an application for establishing a computer club.

The Headmaster
Halima Girls’ School & College
Subject: Application for establishing a computer club.

We beg most respectfully to state that we, the students of your school are badly in need of a computer club in our school. We all know that much of modern life is dependent upon a computer. But it is regrettable that we have little scope to learn about this modern technology. We get from books and teachers only theoretical ideas about it. But, to be skilled in the application and operation of this wonderful magic box we feel a tremendous urgency to have a computer club in the college. 
We, therefore, pray and hope that you would kindly consider our eagerness and establish a computer club provided with a sufficient number of computers and relevant books and magazines to help us deal with the various functions of computers successfully. This will also help us to keep ourselves abreast of the fast-changing modern world.

Obediently yours, 
The students of Halima Girls’ School & College

Write an application to the headmaster or principal for establishing a computer club.

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