Write a paragraph on Floods in Bangladesh.

Write a paragraph on Floods in Bangladesh.

Floods in Bangladesh 

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. During the monsoon, water rises in rivers and causes floods. Bangladesh faces this problem almost every year. There are various causes of floods. Heavy rainfall and melting of snow in the mountains cause floods. Another important cause is the silting of rivers. Floods cause a great havoc on our crops, houses and trees. They also cause death to human beings, cattle etc. After floods, epidemics break out as people drink impure water and they do not get proper food. Immediate relief is needed for the flood-hit areas. We have to supply foodstuff, clothes, drinking water etc. Government and non-government agencies have to come forth to stand by the flood-affected people. We should find out a solution to the flood problem. We cannot stop floods in Bangladesh completely but floods can be controlled. We should build dams and embankments and dredge the rivers. We can also join one river with another for easy flow of water. In the meantime, many countries of the world have been able to control floods successfully. We must take the help of modern science and international co-operation. If we try our best, we will surely succeed.

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