How to keep the skin well from sun’s ray

How to keep the skin well from sun’s ray
How to keep the skin well from sun’s ray

Summer is going on. The sun has started to shine heavily. We have already become completely restless for the heat of the scorching sun. When you go out of the residence, it seems the light of the fire is burning all over your body due to over sun heat. Bathing multiple times before and after going out is not sufficient for us to get overall natural comfort. In this situation, the skin and hair are being damaged immensely.
Experts say that the sun and heat are normal things of nature. Whether the sun is burning or mild, whether the season is cold or hot, the heat of the sun or the ultraviolet rays are always harmful to our skin.
So you have to protect yourself carefully. Some things have to be maintained carefully for your healthy living. Dermatologist Sir. Joshi said that the sun damages the skin slowly and acutely.

The things that the Sun does bad to the skin.

#Sweating is normal in Summer. And it can cause itching or Prickly-heat.
#Exposure to Sun can often cause fungal infections on the skin surface.
#Eczema, one of the major screens, problem can occur on the skin if you do not take protection from the sun.
#Sunlight has the chance to increases the level of melanin (black pigment) in the skin and turns the skin color black.

Professor Sir. Joshi has given some simple strategies and tips to avoid such damage to the skin by sunburn.

Things you need to do to avoid skin damage from sunburn

Whatever the sun mild or high, sunscreen lotion should be applied to the skin 10-15 minutes before leaving the house during the day. Cosmetics, lotions, powders, lip balms, sprays, etc. with SPF or sun protection materials are now available in the market. Use them as you need. 

Be care of avoiding low-valued products. It may cause harm instead of good for you.

You should use Matte-type sunscreen if your screen is oily, also if the skin is dry moisturizer-rich sunscreen work well. And for normal or both types of skin, ‘All Skin Type’ sunscreen can be used.

The skin should be kept fresh and clean at all times. So you have to take a bath with cold water every day. There is no alternate for water to keep skin moisture. 
Drink half a glass of three-four liters of water a day to keep your skin moisture. Moreover, taking any fruit juice is also helpful.

To get protected from the sun cosmetics uses and other natural ingredients become the cause of skin damage. If the problem occurs with you, you should seek medical help immediately.
Beauty experts suggested the way of using sunscreen based on skin type.

In summer, the best time to taking care of your skin is before leaving the home and returning home from the sun.

The formula before going out in the sun

You should take a bath before leaving the house. As there may have a lot of sweat at this time, it is normal to contain a bad odor from sweat. For this, if you have a bath by mixing a few drops of benzene essential oil in water, you will be free from the bad smell of sweat, and your skin will get extra prevention from being dark in the sun. This oil is available in drug stores or supermarkets.
It is better to wipe your skin with a wet tissue rich in lavender oil after every four hours.

To get rid of sunburn

If you are out, you have to use new sunblock every two hours. Some face powders can also work as sunblock. Those who have oily skin can use such powder. Wear sunglasses and a large hat, such as a hat, to protect the jaw and surrounding area from the sun. Even then, if the skin becomes red and irritated, ice should be rubbed or a splash of cold water should be given.

Patrick, a beauty specialist, said that when it comes to sunbathing, how to use makeup. He said it is better not to use liquid foundation in the sun during the day. A water-based moisturizer should be used. Or mineral face powder can be used. Light eyeshadow and kajal are enough for the outfit.

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