VPNs banned in countries.

Virtual private networks or VPNs play a role in establishing communication within multiple networks. If social media is blocked or banned on a website in certain countries, it can be accessed using VPNs. But there are many countries where the use of VPNs is prohibited.

North Korea

It is not unusual for VPNs to remain closed in dictatorial North Korea. In 2017, the Press Freedom Order banned the use of VPNs for civilians in the country.  


Turkey has been banned from using VPNs and tors since 2016. However, the country’s government uses VPNs for security reasons. While banning VPNs and Tors, the country’s government said the ban was due to a coordinated war on terrorism. It may be noted that VPNs cannot be used in urban areas of Turkey but VPNs can be used from border areas. 


In Russia, known as the heart of socialism, VPN was banned by enacting a law in 2017.  


During the 2013 election, Iran imposed sanctions on VPNs, saying it was banned for the purpose of suppressing those who create chaos in-state work.


The use of Facebook Google is prohibited in China.  The country’s government has banned VPNs so that people cannot find alternative access to them. In addition to VPN, Gmail, YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other sites are banned in the country.


Vpn was banned in the UAE in 2012 during the Arab Spring. But the ban is only for civilians. Vpn skilled in the country’s military and bank officials can use.

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